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ISSN: 2181-0400 E-ISSN: 2181-1180

Technical Science and Innovation is one of the official journal of Tashkent State Technical University. The main purposes of the Journal are as follows: Publishing materials on the results of scientific articles, The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Laws, Legal documents, Implementation of the Law on Education and the National Program for Personnel Training, University professors and teachers, scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff in the field of technology, young scientists, Masters and engineer-technical staff, as well as scientific articles of specialists in the field of production. In order to achieve these objectives, the journal performs the following tasks: - Ensures that the published articles are highly professional, objective and reliable; Publication of information materials; Aerospace engineering; Chemistry and technology of chemistry; Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering; Civil and environmental engineering; Geological engineering; Electrical and computer engineering; Mechanical engineering. The journal was established in 1993, renamed in 2019. The journal will be published on a quarterly basis (every three months)

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